Monday, January 4, 2010

What we've been up to...

We had a wonderful Christmas...

Some great times in the snow...

Some shooting sports...

A little Aggie Basketball...

A couple of movies...

and a whole lot of work in the basement...

What have you been up to?


Daryl & Gayelene said...

Hey, I didn't know you had started working on your basement. Thats exciting. How did Ayden like his first day in Primary?

Leserlee said...

Some of the same, except for the shooting sports, and Aggie basketball. I wish we were making more progress on the basement, but there's lots of work to do before we get to the fun stuff, like finishing framing, fireplace, drywall, and then the stuff that makes it pretty.

Katie said...

Looks like you guys have been busy. Curtis has been dreaming of gettting more climbing gear! (we are working on accumulating) Thanks to Sean again for letting him borrow it for so long. Your boys are adorable, you know it I am sure, but I am amazed everytime I see them!

Daryl & Gayelene said...

Come on Monica, lets have an update. I know you have been doing a lot

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