Sunday, March 29, 2009


Slacker...hardly, we've just been so busy I haven't had time for too much of anything, but here's a little update of what's been going on around the Allen house.

First off, the annual Horticulture Symposium that I help plan went really well this year. We had record attendence and the speakers, food and venue all went smoothly (much more then I can say for last year). It's a huge job coordinating an event like this and I'm glad I don't have to do it again for another year!!

While stressing about the annual Symposium we sold our house!! It's been on the market since July and we were just getting ready to take it off and refinance when it sold. We're so excited, but the timing definetly could have been better, considering this time of year is the busiest for me at work, not to mention I'm feeling very pregnant!! However, what a blessing it will be for us both to be closer to work, we sure will miss our ward out here in Rigby though, hopefully we'll still have lots of reasons to come out and reconnet with everyone.

So we've been looking and looking at homes, but to no avail. We either love the house and hate the location or love the location and hate the house, so we've decided to rent an apartment for a few months and build. We've been working with a builder in Idaho Falls and are dillegently working on picking out features for our new home. If anyone has any idea on the best way to go about picking out countertops, cabinets and floors it would be much appreciated, those little samples you get just aren't enough to base such a big decision on!! So overwhelmed with the whole process right now!!

So we've been packing (which seemed much easier when we lived in an apartment and didn't have room to accumulate so much stuff) and finding an apartment, and a storage shed. Not to mention we've been trying to get ready for the baby to come in June!!

So here's the point of this whole post, any of you who may feel like I've been slacking by not posting is mistaken. I've been doing to opposite of slacking, I've been stressing!!!