Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's a......

It's a BOY!!!! We are so excited to be adding another little boy to our family, we just know that Ayden is going to be the best big brother and we love him so much how could we not be excited about another little guy running around the house. Plus I won't have to come up with a new title for the blog!!

Funny story about our Ultrasound...There we are taking pictures of the baby's heart when all the sudden he just stops talking mid-sentence, sets down the rolly thing they use to see the baby and says to the PA student why don't you try to see the baby's face, tells us he'll be right back and walks out of the room. So of course Sean and I both are thinking that something is terribly wrong, he went to grab another Doc for a second opinion or pamphlets to make it easier to tell us what is going on, the PA is mindlessly prattling when the Doc comes back in, and starts apoligizing. Apparently he had fallen asleep right there standing up in the middle of the ultrasound so had to excuse himself to go get some sugar. He explained to us that he'd gone on his first family vacation in 17 years the previous week and in the 3 days since returning home he'd delivered 14 babies plus all the regular check-ups etc and only gotten about 4 1/2 hours of sleep. Since he's one of the most recommended Doctors in town and really one of the busiest (in fact the wait time to get into see him is about a month out), he's been crazy busy playing catch up. We got a good laugh out of this, and were relieved that the baby looked healthy (he even went back and double checked all the pics just to make sure he didn't miss anything while his head wasn't 100% in the game). What a Doc to come to work even though he was so tired, I would have called in sick. I'm glad he didn't make us wait to find out what we are having!!

So without further is the debut picture of our new little stud!! (Name still pending, any suggestions?)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Catch Up

So I know it's been forever since I've posted,,,I've been experiencing a bit of writers block, not to mention we've been busy. No excuse I know. Here's what we've been up to!!

Ayden has been going crazy staying indoors during the cold winter that we've been having. We try and get him outside for winter activities as often as we can stand it. His favorite has been sledding!! He rides down the hill yelling wee-haw all the way!!

My Master Gardener season has started at work. I have 25 new Master Gardener's to train, a Horticulture Symposium to organize and Advanced/Veteran Master Gardener's to get signed up. I've been super busy with this and loving it. By the way if anyone knows the easiest way to make one of those photo phone directories I could sure use some direction!!

Sean is back at school for one more class this semester. Since it's only one class he's also back on shift at the Fire Department and so he's been very busy between the two. He'll be done with the class part of the paramedic program in April and we will definitely be celebrating!!

Last, but certainly not least I've been exhausted, and sick and hormonal- i.e. pregnant!! Our due date is June 23rd and we get to find out next week what we are having. Any guesses?

If that's not enough to make you tired, I don't know what is!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Crisis Averted

I know that I haven't posted forever and I have a ton to post about, but for now this will have to do... Aunt Becky not only came through with a brand new, cooler Superman cape, but Nana and Papa (Sean's parents) also came through with Bateman PJ's. So now I can do laundry and still have a happy superhero two year old running around the house!!