Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Let's see here, where did we leave off....it's been an incredibly busy spring for us, but progress is being made and we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. They've started construction on our house which we are so excited about. I know we're big dorks, but we go out to the lot almost every day to see what they've been working on. Here's the most recent pic, they've been working on the electrical and are getting ready to to sheetrock and brick now--I know it's probably not that exciting to anyone, but Sean and I.

In other news, Ayden got his first bike!! He is so excited about it and asks to ride it 10 times a day. It took him an afternoon to figure out that he can only pedal forward, but is a champ on it now, and yes I did make him wear the helmet and knee pads, Sean thinks that he's going to get beat up, but they've already saved us from several spills so it's worth it!! If we could just get this rain to stop we'd take him out for more bike rides and maybe walk this baby right out, that's right I'm still preggo, but I had a friend remind me today that he can't stay in there forever so I take comfort in that !!