Friday, August 29, 2008

Snakes, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails... and Frogs!!!

So the other day, Sean and Ayden were outside mowing the lawn, Sean origanlly had put Ayden on his shoulders to mow and keep track of Ayden at the same time, but of course, there is no way Ayden would stand for 2 hours of walking in circles (did I mention we have way too much grass). Needless to say Ayden got to get down to play and Sean continued mowing. I few minutes after Ayden had recieved his freedom he comes walking over to Sean holding something in his hands, Sean looks down and sees this poor little frog, whose eyes are about ready to pop right out of the sockets from Ayden holding on to it so tight!! They played with the frog for awhile and then tried to let it go in the pond by our house, but Ayden had a complete melt down when he saw his frog getting away, so Sean had to re-catch the frog, which was not an easy task (we still have no idea how our son who is not even two years old managed it), and made his way to the pet store for a little froggy house and crickets. Ayden is obsessed with his frog now and has to say goodnight to it before bed and look at it 5 times a day, I think he's trying to break me in for a dog someday!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Duck Days

So every year Idaho Falls does what they call the Snake River Duck Races in conjunction with the Roaring Youth Jam and this year we decided to give it a try and it was so much fun!! They had all kinds of things there for the kids to do, Ayden got his face painted and his hair punked out in blue plus he had his first experience finger painting (which was a big hit) and made this awesome potty stool. He's is so proud of it, didn't he look adorable in his little home depot apron.

Also showing their mad skills down at the duck races that day was the Idaho Falls Fire Department's USAR (urban search and rescue) team. They were there repelling off the bucket of the laddar truck and Ayden and I got to watch Sean repel a couple of times while we were there. Ayden thought his Daddy was the coolest and kept yelling and waving to him while he was up in the bucket and repeling down the rope. Here's a video so you can all watch too!!

We also just returned from the fourth year activity with the Young Women in the ward. As camp director I had to organize this little outing as well. We had a great time visiting West Yellowstone and seeing the play Hello Dolly! at the Playmill there. We stayed at a cabin in Island Park and played games all night followed by a float trip down the buffalo river which was freezing and rainy, but the girls still had fun. Sean only dunked a few of them and they deserved it!! I'm kind of sad that camp is done for this year, but I still have next year to look forward to!! Here's a pic of some of them eating the awesome pancakes Sean made us for breakfast :) Do I have a good guy or what?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hey Fireman

The title of this post is kind of an inside joke between Sean and I, I hope you like it honey!! Here's the deal... Sean decided he was far to good to post on this blog and to branch out and start his own blog with Fire Department history and stories about work (he's got a good one dealing with a portion of the male anatomy that I hope he'll post soon). So check out his new blog to see what he's been thinking about!!