Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Picture Catch-up

There is far to much that I've missed in the last while and I'd never be able to get it all, so here's a few of my favorites to catch you all up on (a small bit) of the fun that we've had in the last little bit.

Ayden's going to preschool.

Gavin (finally, yes I was hesitant) got his first haircut.

And he looks so grown-up now!!

We had the best time with Bob and Amber's family when they came down for a visit.

Gavin turned one!!

Ayden enjoyed the Rodeo, and the Mutten Busting. Me not so much, those sheep sure seem a lot bigger with such a little boy on them.

And we've been doing a WHOLE LOT of this. The boys in the neighborhood are just the best of friends and have made summer so much fun for my little Ayden.