Friday, April 10, 2009

Medic Graduation

So it's official, we're done with the classroom portion of Paramedic school!!!! Last week BYUI put on a little graduation ceremony for the graduating medics, my amazingly awesome husband was one of the 8 who made it through the program. Thanks to everyone who was able to make it up to support us. Here's a few pics of the day. The lighting was horrible in the room however, so I'm hoping someone else got better pics...hint, hint.

This is a pic of Sean getting his badge and certification stuff, and yes that's me...looking very pregnant. I tried my best to dodge the cameras all day, wasn't sure on a way to get around this one!

Here's the graduates...Sean did the honor guard thing so he's wearing his class A uniform. Doesn't he look great!

Here is the kids, Wesley's little girl Madison, and Mary Elizabeth and Spencer's boys Penn and Logan, and of course Ayden. They all got matching shirts for the day, which said my Uncle/Daddy is a Paramedic. Hope we didn't embarrass you too much honey.
And last, but not least a random pic from the day, Ayden just adores his daddy and is always trying on Sean's stuff, and I don't mind one bit. What better guy could my son have to look up to??