Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Guinea Pig

This is going to be a duplicated post since I will also be posting more or less the same thing on Ridin' the Tailboard.

Ayden volunteered to be a patient in my Paramedic class on Monday. And by volunteer I mean he didn't put up too much of a fight when I woke him up and dragged him along.

This portion of class involves patients that you may actually see working as a Medic. Ayden was playing the part of a toddler-a part he handled well-that had ingested an undetermined amount of bleach. Students had to assess for and treat any life threatening conditions they may find.

Ayden did a fantastic job and stole the show, as he always does. Getting his blood pressure taken and letting the students hook a cardiac monitor up to him. He didn't care much for taking the stickers off, but he was a trooper through the whole thing.


EskimoBob said...

No Sissies in your house!

No sissies get your love, no slackers for your love, no weaklings for your love, no actors for your love, no gangsters for you love.

That's from the Hawksley Workerman - No Sissies.

lili11 said...

Cute boy, Ayden! He might think that mom and him was playing doctor.

Becky said...

What a champ! Perhaps he will become a great thespian some day!;)

Kara said...

What! Monica, are you a paramedic! Wow! That is really awesome! Ayden is a cute little boy :)