Saturday, September 13, 2008

Never Forget

Every year on September 11th the Idaho Falls Fire Department puts on a program in remembrance of the 343 firefighters who died at the Twin Towers and the firefighters from South East Idaho who have died in the line of duty. Sean is part of the Honor Guard at the Fire Department and participates in the program every year by presenting the colors. He looks so good in his Class A uniform I couldn't help but take some pics, I know there are a lot, but I can never pick!!

And here is one more, I barely ever take pictures of me anymore so here's one to remember.


Candis & Joe said...

LOVE the pictures they are so cute!!!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Love the pics! What a handsome looking family. Sept 11 really is a day we will never forget.

Gayelene said...

It great to finally see a picture of you and it was cute. Ayden looks so happy and adorable in his daddy's hat.

Amber said...

That picture of Sean walking and Ayden wearing his hat is such a breathtaking moment. Could you email me a copy?