Friday, July 18, 2008

School's Out for Summer

We'll it's offical, SCHOOL"S OUT FOR SUMMER!!!!!! (That's really not enough exclaimation points here, but we'll leave it at that) Sean has offically finished up his first semester of paramedic school and is back on shift until early Septemeber. What does this mean for our family? No more daycare, overtime, swimming at Rigby lake, trips to Utah, and camping! We couldn't be more thrilled to have Sean around , it's been a long first semester, but he did really well (even getting 100% on a few of his finals) and we are proud of him. We love you Daddy!!!


Mary Elizabeth said...

Awesome, can't wait to see more of you! With all of those outdoor activities don't forget the sun block.

Chad and Ashley said...

Hi Monica, i'm so excited you found our blog! I had no idea you had one. Every time I drive by your parents house I always wonder what you are up to. I'll add you on our friends now if that is okay. Your little boy is darling! Oh yeah and i love your memory that you left on our blog. Too funny!