Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ayden and Daddy time

Well I'm working lots this week which actually is good because Sean finally has a few days off this week so he's been able to watch Ayden while I've been working the grind (I know kind of a reverse of the norm). When I was thinking about that I remembered these pictures of Ayden and Sean playing together and I thought I'd share because they are my favorite! Ayden really loves his Dad and they have a lot of fun wrestling. When they play this game Ayden just can't get the giggles under control, it's a riot to watch!
This week I also have my first Girls Camp meeting with the youth leaders. Even thoguh I still don't have an assistant it's just time to get started. So if anyone has any great ideas I'd love to hear them, because right now I'm feeling VERY OVERWHELMED with this calling!


Mary said...

Looks like a great time! The best part is ... I can almost hear Ayden's laughter and it makes me giggle right out loud. Great post sister!

Gayelene said...

these are really cute pictures, thanks for sharing them. I can't believe how much ayden has grown. Looking forward to seeing you

Amanda Jackson said...

Cutests family EVER Monica! Wow!